The Victoria Health Co-operative is a community-owned enterprise providing Services For Our Members, Community Outreach, and services within and beyond British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan at the Co-op Health Centre in James Bay.  Every member-owner with a say in the overall direction of the Co-op.

The Victoria Health Co-operative is a general membership co-op.  Any legal person (any entity that can sign a contract,   whether a human person, a business, etc) can apply for membership, subject only to the approval of the Board.  We have no geographical limits.

Our members (currently over 360) govern the Co-op through a volunteer Board of up to 9 members whom they elect at each Annual General Meeting.  Any member-owner can stand as a candidate for the Board.  Directorships run for 3 years and the terms are staggered to provide a balance of continuity and fresh eyes.  The Board is answerable to the member-owners.  More information is set out under Get Involved and in our Rules of Association.

Please check out Our Work for details on our 3 main activities: Services for Members: Community Outreach: Co-op Health Centre.