Guided by the Definition, Values and Principles articulated by the International Co-op Alliance, our Vision is of a community:

  • served by a philosophy of wellness, that focuses on the good health of the individual, the community and the environment as interdependent aspects of the whole.
  • of people who participate actively in their own wellness and the wellness of their neighbours through education, volunteerism, the active pursuit of optimal wellness and engagement in the governance and management of co-operatives working in all areas of the social determinants of health
  • in which locally controlled co-operatives, with at least partial public funding, provide programs and services that embrace an integrative model of wellness and health care, including the social and environmental determinants of health, a primary health care focus, and a broad range of conventional and complementary health modalities
  • in which residents experience a deep sense of physical, emotional and spiritual health, inspired by a sense of ownership, empowered to be leaders in their own wellness and the health of their broader community.