The Benefits of the Co-op Approach

Sustainability.  Co-ops, when properly structured and operating according to the co-op definition, values and principles, explained in Beyond Ourselves, are twice as durable as any other form of incorporation including public companies, partnerships and societies.

Cost Effectiveness.  As a Co-op, our aim is to cover our costs and achieve a small surplus to re-invest in the provision of services.

Work Environment.  As a Co-op we aim for a work environment that is supportive and enjoyable for volunteers, and for staff and for practitioners, who work within the Co-op as independent contracts.

Community Control.  We believe that communities are best equipped to identify their priorities and that the co-op structure is ideal for providing the services most needed by individuals and groups in each area.

Network Support.  We are linked to, and supported by, a network of wellness, social services and health co-ops across Canada (through the Health Care Co-op Federation of Canada) and globally (through the International Health Co-op Organization)and the larger co-op sector through the Co-ops and Mutuals Canada and BC Co-op Association.