To be fully involved, to have access to our Services for Members, to have a voice in the governance or our Co-op, please join us as a Member-Owner.  It’s simple.  Just complete the Membership Application and mail it with your $50 life-time membership fee, to Treasurer, Chris Mather 1287 Boulderpath Rd, Victoria, BC. V9C 3X5 or drop it off at the Co-op Health Centre, 547 Michigan St.

As a member-owner, you have the right to attend any Board Meeting (usually the first Thursday at 5:15 pm at the Co-op Health Centre, 547 Michigan St.)  Any portion of the meeting relating to staff is held in camera.  As a member-owner you are encouraged to run for a position on our Volunteer Board.  New Directors can join at any time and hold office until the next Annual General Meeting which is usually held in late February.  Our work is important, ground-breaking and exciting.  Ask us for more information.

If you have any questions or comments please contact our President Vanessa Hammond at or 250-415-9272.