Our Complementary and Alternative practitioners all work independently, some at the Co-op Health Centre, some from other locations. To find out about the professional standards required to be associated with the Victoria Health Co-op and to advertise through the VHC, please contact Nicole Costello or Dacia Moss (listed under Our People).

Our Allopathic practitioners (currently only MDs, but we are working diligently towards bringing in other MSP-funded practitioners) bill through the Medical Services Plan (MSP), and contribute an agreed percentage to cover all aspects of the facilities and services they use at the Co-op Health Centre.  If you are eligible to bill through MSP, are interested in the co-op approach to well-being and health, and wish to practice in Victoria, please contact our President.

Our Medical Office Assistants at the Co-op Health Centre are the welcoming face of the Victoria Health Co-op, this despite the fact that many of our patients still do not understand that their Health Centre has been operated by the Co-op for six years!  Occasionally there are full-time permanent or short-term or part-time vacancies in this team.  To join this group you must be outstanding, dedicated, remarkable just like the MOAs who handle the high work-load with grace, competence and ready smiles.