Our partner organization, Creating Community Wellness Society, is dedicated to funding programs for community health and the Victoria Health Co-operative’s initiatives.

Thank you to the many generous people who donate to the Creating Community Wellness Society to help the Victoria Health Co-op to build the health and well-being of our community.  We hope you will join this growing list of supporters of community-based wellness. Every donation of over $20 to the Creating Community Wellness Society achieves two results:

  • It earns the donor a Charitable Donation Receipt to use at tax time
  • It helps with one of the Victoria Health Co-op’s programs.

Send a donation to Victoria Health Co-op through CCWS to use where it is most needed (see categories below, after the form) OR tell us what skills you can contribute to the governance, management or administration of the Creating Community Wellness Society or the Victoria Health Co-op. 

To donate to the CCWS, please fill out the form below. All donations through form are collected using PayPal. Alternatively, visit our charity’s profile on Canada Helps.

Donate Now to Creating Community Wellness Society

Your donation will help us provide health services and community-based wellness programs in the Greater Victoria area.

Thank you for your support.
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YOU can specify what Victoria Health Co-op program you want your donation to support:

Community Wellness Education:

  • Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle.  Basic, short healthy living courses with topics chosen by the participants, often including Choices for Health Nutrition even on a tight budget, Choices for Safety at night, in the rain; Choices for entertainment on a tight budget, and the guaranteed favourite, Choices for Glamour on a budget.  Would YOUR organization like to host a program?
  •  Hans KaiTM, a more formal six to nine month program.  Every session includes a social activity, healthy snack, physical activity, learning activity, and monitoring the basic health indicators.  Is YOUR organization interested in a program to enhance the wellness of members, staff, residents, etc? 
  • Help us work on our new ideas.


  • Monthly “By Donation” Wellness Clinics for members of the Victoria Health Co-op.
  • Health Access Fund to support Members who need a series of healing treatments but cannot afford the full cost.
  • Integrative Health and Wellness care.  Some residents of Victoria, some members of the Vic Health Co-op, need the support of educators and healers from several modalities.  Will you “adopt” a portion of an Integrative Health program to help someone in our community to overcome an illness or accident?

Organization for Health:

  • How do you access your medical record if you are in an accident, out of the province, have no Primary Medical care provider?  Support our Personal Health Records program.
  • How can you be sure that your long-term care will be provided according to your wishes?  Support the Wellness Wheel program.

Primary Health Care:

We are almost ready to hire our Nurse Practitioner and provide advanced practice care to several hundreds of Victorians who have no Primary Health Care.  We are working hard to purchase exam room furniture and equipment. Will you “adopt a thing”? Just pick anything from this list below and we will be very happy!

To know what a Nurse Practitioner can do, check out (and share) any of these links:



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