Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle is a very simple and enjoyable program.  We plan every series of 4 to 6 topics with a representative from the host organization and, if possible, potential participants.  Each session includes a nutritious snack, a short presentation, discussion, social time, sometimes a hand-out. Most importantly, we encourage the participants to share their own expertise and knowledge.

We are grateful to First+Met and Fairfield United Church, BC Housing, Vancity and Victoria Health Co-op members for financial support for these sessions.

Topics have included:

  • Choices for good nutrition even on a tight budget
  • Choices for healthy movement and exercise regardless of your level of mobility
  • Choices for recreation and relaxation on a tight budget
  • Choices for transportation on a tight budget and with mobility challenges
  • Choices for medication, food and other wellness factors
  • Choices for dealing with stress, sleeplessness, anxiety
  • Your Choices of great resources in your community (learning from all participants, making little booklets
  • and the perennial favourite, Choices for glamour on a tight budget.

If your organization is curious about Choices or if you would like to be an organizer, soup maker or presenter, please contact us.

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